Senior React Developer at The Wedding Shop, South West London, £Contract Rate

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  • London SW13, UK
  • Oct 12, 2021
Duration not stated

Contract Description

WEST LONDON (SW13) – flexible working options on offer


We are a group of B2C brands, the majority of which focus on eCommerce, while others focus on a registration or marketplace model.


Our development team is expanding to undertake multiple, long-term projects to support an exciting enterprise integration. This involves working on the improvement of existing bespoke React applications, but also creating exciting new JavaScript based services. You will be working with React 16.12 in part, but the goal is to migrate to the latest version of a mature framework to support the enterprise integration. It is an exciting project that will require excellent development skills, but also a desire to work in a great team, make quick decisions and take a robust approach to developing code from the ground up.


We are passionate about creating a DevOps-led environment that has a focus on continuous improvement, rapid development, and an ability to adapt quickly in a modern world. We strive for platinum tier development, with great a mindset for testing and quality, readable, easily maintained code.



We are only looking for contractors who meet at least the following criteria as a professional: 

  • You have excellent communication and a great work ethic
  • You are a team player who thrives in a fast paced, busy and challenging environment
  • You are a talented developer who can write effective and efficient code
  • You have a passion for best design and coding practices and a desire to develop innovative new ideas
  • You possess strong analytical skills and can confidently present technical information in a structured and logical manner


Technical skills/business skills required:

  • Excellent JavaScript
  • Excellent React with server-side rendering experience
  • Strong modern JavaScript eco system knowledge
  • Node.js
  • Strong testing skills
  • Excellent HTML & CSS
  • Strong Docker skills
  • Skill for writing reusable JavaScript packages
  • Familiar with various design and architectural patterns
  • Agile ceremonies


Candidates will be asked to complete a test as part of their application. The test is designed to be fun and give them an opportunity to show off their skills and love of coding both front end and back end. The test should be uploaded to a remote repo such as GitHub with an appropriate ReadMe and made publicly available to the Cambium team for review.