Python Data Engineer at Methods, Bristol, £Contract Option

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  • Bristol, UK
  • Jun 09, 2021
Duration not stated

Contract Description

Methods Analytics is currently recruiting for a Data Engineer - Python to join our team on a permanent or contract basis. This role will require flexibility to travel to client sites and is expected to be based in Sheffield, Bristol, or London.


Please note due to current COVID restrictions this role will be remote working until restrictions have been lifted.

About Methods Analytics:

Methods Analytics provide strategic and operational intelligence concerning the activity, quality and safety of Public Services services. Our team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced information and analytics specialists. Our primary focus is the healthcare market in the UK, however, we also work with a wide range of public and private sector clients including local and central government.

We deliver actionable knowledge on population provision, activity and outcomes to the public, commissioners, providers, policy makers and commercial organisations. Our work helps them base their decisions on comparable and transparent intelligence. We use a wide range of information sources and tools to ensure that our information is robust, and evidence based, and we work closely with stakeholders and the public to understand the type of intelligence they need from us.

We have a strong track record and are recognised as one of the pioneers and innovators in 'Open ' thinking within the UK public sector. We are passionate about providing impartial and pragmatic advice -we aim to reduce risk and create simple enabling structures to improve the quality and efficiency of Healthcare in the UK.


The Python Data Engineer will need to demonstrate abilities in:


  • Programming and build - Design, write and iterate code from prototype to production-ready. Understand security, accessibility and version control through a range of coding tools and languages, with primary focus on Python.
  • Technical understanding - Knowledge about specific technologies that underpin the role (Databricks .... ), ability to apply the required breadth and depth of technical knowledge.
  • Testing - Plan, design, manage, execute and report tests using appropriate teools and techniques, and work within regulations. Knowledge of ensuring that risks associated with deployment are adequately understood and documented.
  • Problem resolution - Knowledge of how to log, analyse and manage problems in order to identify and implement the appropriate solution and ensure the problem is fixed


You will also need to:

  • Work with other members of the delivery team across a mix of large and small projects and be responsible for translating data into valuable insights that inform decisions for small to large transformation projects and programmes.
  • Responsible for identifying and using the most appropriate analytical techniques, developing fit-for-purpose, resilient, scalable and future-proof data services that meet user needs and design and write and iterate code from prototype to production-ready.
  • Involve communicating effectively across organisational, technical and political boundaries to understand the context and how to make complex and technical information and language simple and accessible for non-technical audiences.
  • Work with the Senior Data Engineers to support the growth and development of the team
  • Produce data models and understand where to use different types of data models.

Ideal Candidates will demonstrate:

  • Strong python, unit testing (pytest) and pep8 standards
  • Writing robust data pipeline code that can run unattended
  • Pandas data validation, manipulation, merging, joining and at times visualisation
  • Unix environment, server health and management of ongoing running processes
  • Github, git, pull requests, CI and code review
  • Logging and reporting pragmatically
  • Ability to troubleshoot and solve numerical and technical problems
  • High attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills evidenced through verbal and written means to a wide range of stakeholders
  • Experience with Agile delivery

Desirable Skills & Experience:

  • Experience with NoSQL type environments, Data Lakes, Lake-Houses (Cassandra, MongoDB or Neptune)
  • T-SQL Development experience including debugging & troubleshooting
  • Big Data Frameworks experience, such as Hadoop and Apache Spark
  • An ability to translate business requirements into technical specifications
  • Programmed in Python, Scala or Java
  • Experience with Relational Database and Data Warehousing experience such as SQL Server and/or Azure SQL
  • Experience processing large volumes of structured/semi-structured data (mainly CSV/JSON)
  • Knowledge of data cleaning, wrangling, visualization and reporting, with an understanding of the best, most efficient use of associated tools and applications to complete these tasks
  • A good understanding of Data Governance principles and the safe handling and processing of Personal Identifiable Data
  • DevOps experience, such as using Git, CI/CD and Unit Testing
  • Understanding of distributed computing, columnar type databases, partitioning, map reduction
  • Have cloud based experience, preferably with AWS and/or Azure
  • Have attention to detail and ability to QA own and other team member 's work
  • Understanding of how to expose data from systems (for example, through APIs), link data from multiple systems and deliver streaming services.
  • Know how to ensure that risks associated with deployment are adequately understood and documented.
  • Streaming and real-time data
  • Knowledge of statistics principles necessary to interpret data and apply models. For example, knowledge of errors and confidence intervals to understand whether a relation seen in the data is real.
  • Exposure to high performing, low latency or large volume data systems (i.e. 1 billion+ records, terabyte size database)
  • Exposure to iterative/agile development methodologies such as SCRUM
  • Have experience in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Have solid Relational Database design skills with an eye for performance optimisation
  • Have experience with ETL
    • Infrastructure, Azure Data Factory / SSIS, SQL (On-prem/Cloud),
  • Have experience with Analytical/Reporting
    • SQL (On-prem/Cloud), Analysis Services / Tabular Data Model, Power BI/Tableau/T-SQL
  • Knowledge of health-related data, especially Public Health and COVID-19 related