Android App Developer at Defence Science Technology Laboratory, Remote, 3 Months, £Contract Rate

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  • Remote (No specific location, for example they can work remotely)
  • Nov 20, 2020
up to 6 Months

Contract Description

Summary of the work The authority requires an android application to be developed to allow chemical compounds to be entered for query against a local database. This will identify immediate and potential hazards locally and allow for export of a report to a remote site.
Latest start date Monday 18 January 2021
Expected contract length 3 months to deliver by 22nd March 2021
Location No specific location, for example they can work remotely
Organisation the work is for Defence Science Technology Laboratory
Budget range  
About the work
Why the work is being done The application will primarily be used by non scientific personnel to determine the immediate threat to individuals based upon substances that are present. This will reduce the threat to individuals and identify if the substances are hazardous or require specialist PPE.

In addition to the safety of the personnel in the vicinity of the substances, having an application containing an offline library will allow them to understand if the potential combined result of a number of the substances could have been used to manufacture/ produce a resulting compound that could be hazardous to the personnel in the near vicinity, but also to inform relevant authorities if it is believed a hazardous compound has been developed
Problem to be solved Scientific Subject Matter Experts cannot be in multiple places simultaneously and it often takes time or communication to get an assessment of chemical compounds to determine hazard to personnel or wider threat.
Who the users are and what they need to do DSTL Scientists need to be able to:
-deploy users to sites where there may be hazardous chemicals
-give non scientific users the ability to easily identify chemicals/ substances based on appearance/ labels/ names
-create/ modify a database to ne held on a android platform for a user to query against.
-give non scientific users the ability to determine if there is a threat/ need for PPE and what that threat is (eg corrosive/ flammable)
-give non scientific users the ability to determine if the chemicals/ substances present could have been used to manufacture/ mix into a different hazardous substance
-give non scientific users an (as near real time as possible) indication of what the potential threat could be, how that decision was reached and what the confidence level is
-give the user the ability (where possible) to export the data via a mobile phone standard messaging to the scientific SME for confirmation
Early market engagement There are some applications available open source. these require an internet connection and/ or a subscription.

The library behind the applications/ website are suitable but the need for online connectivity is not,

DSTL cannot add its own fields to these open source applications/ websites (both from an individual compound and potential resulting compound)

DSTL will not specify the applications that have been used to date.
Any work that's already been done  
Existing team The team will consist of:

Scientific Subject Matter Expert
Technical Authority
Project Manager
End User Representative
End User
Current phase Discovery
Work setup
Address where the work will take place Work can be carried out remotely at the suppliers premises but the supplier will need to attend meetings and workshops at DSTL Porton Down and potentially another site in the West Midlands
Working arrangements The Supplier will work with the existing scientific research team at DSTL Porton Down. Some on-site meetings and workshops will be required at DSTL Porton Down and possibly a further site in the West Midlands, but remote working will be the standard. Travel & Subsistence will not be paid for as part of the contract. Where suitable meetings can be held at the supplier location.
Security clearance Staff with access to project information must have a minimum of NSV MOD Security Clearance (SC) checks in place at contract start.
Additional information
Additional terms and conditions  
Skills and experience
Essential skills and experience
  • Experience of building Applicatons to run on an Android OS platform
  • Experience of creating android applications that are standalone - i.e. does not require an Internet connection
  • Experience of creating databases and database relationships
  • Experience of creating an application that can interface with the native functions of the android OS/ handset.
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Experience of creating technical apps for non technical users
  • Experience of working with CESG/ JSP 440 security guidelines
  • Experience of creating android applications that are forward and backward compatible
How suppliers will be evaluated
How many suppliers to evaluate 8
Proposal criteria
  • Suitability of the provided outline work-plan, identifying relevant tasks, staffing, and technical and management approaches.
  • Evidence that the proposed staff have the requisite expertise and work experience to undertake their identified tasks.
  • How well risks and dependencies have been identified and whether offered approaches to manage them are appropriate.
  • Evidence that the required delivery date will be met
Cultural fit criteria
  • work as a team with our organisation and other suppliers
  • Be able to work with a mixed team of Military, MOD Civil Service and contractor personnel
  • Display values and behaviours in line with MOD core values
  • Be transparent and collaborative when making decisions
Payment approach Fixed price
Additional assessment methods  
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit



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