Spring Boot Java Developer at Spring Software Ltd, Uxbridge, £Freelance Rate

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  • Uxbridge, MA, USA
  • Sep 09, 2020

Contract Description

I am looking for different freelancers to add velocity on my project. We got strange requirement for someone to work on our dev machine by joining the zoom sharing session. I got set of tasks such as -

Enable Google Mail Api ( We got the code already)
Enable Google Drive Api ( We got the code already)
Spring Boot based Restful API work
using MySQL JPA as Persistence Layer.
Java 11

We can work out independent code modules too if it is possible to develop them on your own. For e.g exploring Google Drive API or Mail Api Flows.

You need to work one hour as free trial before we can engage you in our project. Hope it works for you.

I will pay fixed hourly cost or fixed cost preferably. I am looking dynamic developers and for any good developers I can invite them to work with our external clients.