Senior Sales Manager (Retail Management Software) at Analyticalways, London, £Freelance Contract

  • Contract Spy
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Sep 03, 2020

Contract Description

International technology company, focused on retail management software, and specialized in predictive analysis to manage the stock of fashion companies in the most efficient way, has a presence in Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, ... and currently, it continues with its expansion plan internationally. For this, it is necessary to incorporate several Senior Sales Managers who are in charge of market development in:


  • USA (NY / Los Angeles)
  • France
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • UK (London)
  • South Africa
  • Singapore



  • Experience in sales, customer management and market opening.
  • Essential, extensive knowledge of the local retailer market, making it essential to live in the country in which your work will be carried out.
  • Essential, experience in commercialization of technological solutions and the retail sector.
  • It will be necessary that the selected candidate contributes a portfolio of clients in the local retail sector.


What do we offer?

  • Freelance contract.
  • Remuneration: Fixed salary + variable salary + plus per generated lead + allowances.