Paybill Modelling Lead Analyst at Ministry of Justice, London, Westminster, 3 Months, £Contract Rate

  • Contract Spy
  • London,Westminster
  • Jul 31, 2020
up to 6 Months

Contract Description

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We’re looking for a Paybill Modelling Lead Analyst for a 3-month role with the MoJ.

The post will develop, and quality assure modelling and analysis on the cost, impact and affordability of proposed pay awards to support the business during pay negotiations. This will involve working collaboratively with analysts in the team and HR policy leads.

The aim of the role is to move the main paybill model from Excel to R to maximise flexibility by incorporating different scenarios and award types. This will make modelling and analysis more robust, quicker to run, and easier to QA. We also aim to build in more insightful impact analysis to aid HR colleagues make better informed decisions on pay. Building this all into one end to end system will save time and increase accuracy so we can offer a better service to HR customers going forward.


As Paybill Modelling Lead Analyst, you will:

  • Finish the movement of the Excel paybill model to R;
  • Add impact analysis and undertake QA/stress testing outputs;
  • Produce AQA documentation including assumptions logs and desk notes.


You’ll have:

  • Strong Analytical skills using R and a good working knowledge of Excel and use of Github (desirable);
  • Understanding of the AQA standards and associated documentation is also required;
  • Ability to work closely with analysts currently working on paybill modelling to understand the work currently being carried out and also with senior HR policy colleagues to understand analytical requirements;
  • Experience of managing quality analysis to short timescales. You will need to work with key internal and external stakeholders to set priorities, deliverables and timescales.