Senior Product Manager at Ministry of Justice, London,Sheffield, 6 Months, £Contract Rate

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  • London,Sheffield
  • Jul 01, 2020
6 Months or more

Contract Description

Senior Product Manager (INSIDE IR35)

Are you an Product Management Expert, experienced in the early stages of the product lifecycle? Can you take the lead in creating world-class services in the justice system, using cutting-edge agile software development approaches to make rapid but meaningful improvements to public services?  If so we want to hear from you!

Imagine having a talent that could benefit someone you’ve never met and solve problems you didn’t even know existed. Well, you do, and you can. And we’re here to help you do just that. At PSR we are the go-to place for talented contractors and temps for a rich variety of public sector roles.

As a Senior Product Manager, you will: 

  • Deliver services that meet the Digital by Default Service Standard and are best in class for government, giving the same level of digital experience users expect from daily interaction with the most respected web services. 
  • Lead one or more multi-disciplinary agile delivery teams to deliver excellent new products and iterations to existing products to meet user needs. 
  • Gather user requirements based on a communicable understanding of diverse audience groups. 
  • Define and get user buy in for product definition and delivery approach. 
  • Create effective, prioritised product descriptions and delivery plans to meet user needs in a cost effective way. 
  • Interpret user research in order to make the correct product decisions, noting that users do not always know what they want. 
  • Keep continually abreast of changes to user habits, preferences and behaviours across various digital platforms and their implications for successful delivery of government digital services. 
  • Underpin the delivery and iteration of digital services through effective analysis of qualitative and quantitative user data. 
  • Disseminate an understanding of the digital marketplace, including best practice, costs, suppliers, methodologies and skills to both internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Provide leadership across the organisation in digital, making the case for digital and agile ways of working. 
  • Develop and manage stakeholder relationships within DIT and externally to create buy in for the product. 
  • Be actively involved across partner and user communities to promote the department’s principles and foster a collaborative approach to solution delivery and engagement. 
  • Provide mentoring and/or line management for team members and colleagues. 


You’ll have:

  • Strategic ownership- the core strategic skills of product management, building the overall value proposition, business model, vision and roadmap that enable us to focus on outcomes, not outputs. You’ll be working to at least ‘practitioner’ level, capable of building product strategy from scant information and getting buy-in from colleagues 
  • Lifecycle perspective – An understanding of the different phases of the product lifecycle and the impact this has on product strategy. You’ll be ‘expert’ in this skill, capable of leading products through the full product lifecycle based on an understanding of how product strategy changes as a product grows in use
  • Problem ownership - You’ll be working to at least ‘expert level’, capability of defining problems from scant information using research, articulating and defending the problem definition (when needed), and understanding how the problem fits into the bigger picture
  • User Focus- User-centred design is at the heart of our work. You’ll be working to at least ‘expert’ level in this area: able to commission and collaborate with user researchers to gain the insights necessary to understand and meet the needs of users across a variety of channels ?and using insights to ensure that you meet the changing needs of all users
  • Agility - You’ll be working to at least ‘expert’ level, and recognised as such, able to support your teams to choose the best product approach(es) to suit your context, increasing the value of your product each increment as efficiently as possible.


It would be great to also have:

  • The ability to demonstrate a working understanding of design, technology and data principles. Understands the variety and complexity of users’ digital needs and how the product will meet those needs. Understands the importance of assisted digital. Able to design services and make decisions to meet user’s needs.
  • An understanding of the market place, realising the benefit and persuading others that a product is the right one to use. Able to integrate a product with other services. Capable of ensuring products get used. Able to realise benefits by linking work in progress back to the business case. Able to build business cases based on user needs.
  • The ability to identify and understand constraints, and is able to communicate these and work within them. Is able to challenge the validity of constraints. Capable of ensuring standards are being met.