Android SDK Engineer at Pusher, London, £Contract Rate

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  • London, UK
  • Nov 08, 2019
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Contract Description

Pusher’s realtime APIs power applications around the world across many industries. When you see an in-app chat, a collaborative text editor, or anything else that updates instantly from category-leading brands like Lyft, DoorDash and the New York Times — Pusher is shifting events behind the scenes.

Great applications require great libraries. Our customers expect world-class SDKs when they develop core features of their apps. We want you to help us build them: Android SDKs that have the best developer experience our customers have ever seen. You’ll be a coder, a bar-raiser and a teacher all in one.

This role is not your average app developer. You’ll have the chance to influence the development of not just one app, but apps built by tens of thousands of developers globally. You’ll be helping us to turn that into hundreds of thousands. And you’ll build your profile amongst the world’s most discerning app developers.

What working in the Chatkit team looks like

  • The Chatkit team is cross-functional and uses a modern tech stack. Our services are written in Go and deployed on Kubernetes. Our SDKs are written in modern Javascript, Swift and Kotlin. While your primary function will be within the mobile SDKs, you will have the opportunity to learn about other systems that are core to Chatkit.
  • The Chatkit team subscribes to the lean methodology. We work in short iterations with as little bureaucracy as possible. We value continuous improvement and expect team members to voice their concerns early and often so that we may address things before they become problems.
  • The Chatkit team works collaboratively, and encourages members to take ownership of customer, business and technical problems.

What will you do?

Chatkit, our chat-as-a-service product, allows developers to add chat functionality quickly to their web and native mobile apps.

  • Contribute to the full Chatkit product lifecycle.As a developer tools company, our SDKs are our user interface, and feature design starts there.
  • Work in an agile environment with a cross-functional team of product and distributed systems engineers.
  • Lead the design and architecture of Android SDKs that need improvement.
  • Design and implement a clean approach to the SDK following industry-standard best mobile practices and collaborating with your Android and web and backend colleagues.
  • Design and implement proof-of-concept open source demo applications.
  • Design and implement a test-bed for our SDK, supporting continuous delivery and giving us a faster feedback cycle.
  • Help customers successfully integrate our APIs into their apps.
  • Determine how to track and implement metrics of quality and drive improvements to our release process.
  • Mentor, and share your Android and mobile knowledge around the team, in engineering, and throughout the business.
  • Participate in recruitment planning and interviewing.

What will you learn?

Great software engineers never stop learning. We want to provide you opportunities for improving your knowledge.

  • You will manage and tame a complex networked service in order to provide a simple, powerful and delightful developer experience.
  • You will have a chance to learn from experienced engineers working on scalable distributed systems and SDK development.
  • You will help take Pusher’s flagship new product through a period of significant growth, encountering many engineering challenges along the way.


What have you done?

  • You’ve written complex Android applications that have addressed the technical difficulties and quirks of Android, Kotlin, and Java.
  • You’ve written, maintained, or contributed top quality open-source Android or Java libraries.
  • You’ve developed networked mobile SDKs with user experience top-of-mind. Ideally, the SDKs supported a multi-tenant use case.

What are you like?

  • You optimize your work for conceptual simplicity over brevity
  • You’re highly aware of current Android development practices and the wider mobile development ecosystem.
  • You love making other developers’ lives easier, listening to people, and asking questions.


What Pusher is like

We are in an extended phase of change and growth: after a period of success as a smaller company, we are learning how to be a successful global company. This process is challenging, rewarding, frustrating, and invigorating, often all at the same time! We are trying to do very big things — at the end of the day, we want to help hundreds of thousands of developers who will impact hundreds of millions of users.

We strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion. For us, diversity means “difference” and inclusion means “making the differences work together” – and the result is a company that strives to practice consistently high levels of belonging. Inclusivity provides a better working environment for all, improves the quality of our services, and positively impacts outcomes. We welcome people of different nationalities, backgrounds, experiences, orientations, ages, abilities, and perspectives.

We are here to help our customers build delightful applications. By solving significant engineering challenges and packaging them into easy to use APIs, we let developers focus on making their users happy. We believe the growing demand for software will greatly improve developer productivity and, in turn, increase the quality of the apps we all use on a daily basis.

We put emphasis on collaboration between people and teams. Everyone is on the same mission, so sharing work helps us reach our goals faster. We strive for transparency. Keeping everyone well-informed is crucial for building trust, efficiency, and satisfaction at work.