Senior Back End Engineer (Kotlin) at 11:FS, London, £Contract Rate

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  • London, UK
  • Oct 10, 2019
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Contract Description

Contract - Senior Back End Engineer (Kotlin)

London, England, United Kingdom · Foundry


11:FS is looking for Contract Kotlin Engineers to join us on Foundry, our ledger-first flexible core banking platform - we are bypassing legacy infrastructure and complexity restraints within banking to build digital banking services fit for the future.

We know that building high performance, highly scalable, always available, fault tolerant systems is a team game, so we're looking for someone who'll play well with others. Lone geniuses are brilliant - just not for us.

We strongly believe you grow a system rather than build it, so our architecture and infrastructure is designed to allow us to roll small bits of code to production really fast, and really often. So we're ideally looking to work with people who have experience of working in cloud based, continuous deployment-type environments - people who understand that with this awesome power comes a lot of responsibility to make sure you're doing things right!

What is 11:FS Foundry?

11:FS Foundry is built from the industry-wide recognition that core banking is ready for massive disruption. Banks and financial services firms all over the world are built on out-dated, monolithic systems that are complicated, prone to failures and costly to maintain. Fintechs looking to challenge the status quo often face prohibitive costs of adopting these same old systems, or the daunting task of building something new from scratch.

11:FS Foundry will revolutionise the playing field by offering a modular, cloud-based platform that allows large and small players launch new financial services and products in a matter of minutes rather than months. 11:FS Foundry entered into a partnership with DNB to bring the platform to market this year. To achieve this and change the core shape of the financial services industry, we need the best talent in the market. Come and get on the rocket ship.


  • Experience building services and applications on the JVM - ideally with professional experience in Kotlin, but we're also interested in speaking to people who've contributed to open source projects or dabbled with the language in their personal time
  • Familiarity with microservice architectures, and confidence in building and deploying containerised services to Cloud based orchestration layers and platforms
  • Familiarity with the Spring framework
  • Familiarity with TDD and the experience to know what a good unit test looks like
  • Confidence in using GraphQL to implement well-designed APIs, and the knowledge of what a good RESTful API looks like
  • CI/CD
  • An appreciation for best practices in cybersecurity