AI & Automations Generalist at The Generalist Company, London, £Freelance Rate

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  • London, UK
  • Jun 11, 2024

Contract Description

ud83d udd0d At a Glance

Us: We 're revolutionising the way start-ups scale and businesses perform. Come shape our future from the ground up.

You: An experienced AI and Automation all-rounder armed with a hacky mindset and passion for creating productivity magic

ud83d udcbc The Role

Join our Fixer Team as an AI /Automation Generalist and be deployed to early-stage startups to support founders in problem-solving through automation. Your primary mission is to 10x their efficiency. You u2019ll manoeuvre through a maze of operational bottlenecks, employing a blend of quick-win solutions and inventive hacky fixes.


As a generalist, no task or responsibility is off-limits when it comes to bringing our client u2019s ideas to fruition. You 'll do the big and the boring; everything from identifying bottlenecks via operational audits to crafting no-code /low-code solutions to solve big problems.


Your arsenal is filled with a mix of technical know-how, strategic thinking, and a dash of magic u2014allowing you to conjure solutions that others might deem impossible.

Key Responsibilities

ud83d udcbb What You Could Be Doing

The dynamic nature of this role means your tasks will be as varied as the start-ups you 'll support. Here are just a few things you u2019ll find yourself doing:

  1. Operational Support: Dive deep into the heart of operational issues and workflows, identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks that hinder progress.
  2. Data Handling: Construct robust data streams that empower decision-making with agility and precision.
  3. Data Analysis: Assist in the analysis of data collected through enhanced data systems to derive actionable insights.
  4. Workflow Mapping and Auditing: Map out workflows to reimagine how our clients work.
  5. Experimental Problem-Solving: You 'll experiment with unconventional solutions, turning potential obstacles into opportunities for growth.
  6. Manage and Iterate Automations: Ensure automations are maintained and improved to remain efficient when clients scale.

Skills & Experience

ud83d ude0a What You u2019ll Bring

  1. You u2019re a tech all-rounder with a wide, diverse set of competencies, with at least 5 core skills & 5 secondary skills
  2. You have a familiarity with Python, cloud infrastructure, automation tools and no-code and low-code platforms like Zapier and
  3. You have a strong foundation in building and maintaing business operations
  4. You 're a serial builder - you love organising and managing things for the sake of it!
  5. You communicate in a clear, compelling and friendly way
  6. You view problem-solving as a fun, creative process
  7. You have a keen eye for detail and the ability to keep track of them all
  8. You take full ownership of whatever you 're given, and you try to innovate beyond the given brief
  9. You make decisions based on data, and your instinct rarely leads you wrong
  10. You u2019re able to move fluidly between collaborative and independent work styles
  11. You prefer to gather information first before coming to conclusions or offering your thoughts
  12. You u2019re adept at making assessments quickly and identifying the best course of action
  13. You don u2019t mind asking questions, and providing critical analysis when it u2019s needed
  14. You u2019ll have a proven aptitude to manage many competing projects and priorities
  15. Working in a fast-paced, sometimes unstructured, environment excites you!

ud83d ude80 Even Better If You Have

  1. Experience in a tech-driven role in the startup world
  2. Experience in software and data engineering.
  3. A proven track record of scaling projects
  4. At least 2 years relevant experience, but ideally 4 years or more
  5. Founder experience - you u2019ve launched and grown your own business before


ud83d udcda What You u2019ll Get


  1. Flexibility: Work full-time, part-time, remotely, and on your schedule
  2. Innovation: Be at the forefront of changing how start-ups scale
  3. Competitive Salary: Set your own rates and grow with us
  4. Culture: Thrive in an open culture centred around exploration, adventure, and enterprise