IT Support at Doddul Ltd, Remote, £Freelance Rate

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  • Jun 07, 2024

Contract Description

We are looking for part-time / freelance IT Support – to play a key role within an outsourcing company where you will be a huge source of support in other businesses!

Under the brand of OutsourceXtra (owned by Doddul Ltd), we provide a vital service for business growth & flexibility as a unique, innovative, easy-to-use outsourcing solution for small to medium businesses as well as business executives and/or their teams.

This role should be MUCH more interesting than the day-to-day IT Support position, as you will be helping to support a handful of clients on their journey to success! You will be:

  • Paid INCREDIBLY fairly for your work (YOU decide your own pay rate)!
  • Given TONS of flexibility around how & when you work (sometimes depending on the client)
  • Completely remote-based (depending on the client/role you agree to)
  • Paid on a weekly basis.
  • Earning experience within various types of businesses & business owners.
  • Granted space & trust to do the work in your chosen way (though this can depend on the client)

In this role, you'll likely be asked to help clients in a variety of different industries. Even though you will have the choice of which roles you wish to take, you'll likely be asked to help clients with a large variety of things, including:

  • Managing software installations
  • Installing and configuring hardware
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software issues
  • Overseeing troubleshooting for system errors
  • Implementing security measures
  • Monitoring system and network performance
  • Repairing hardware
  • Updating programs
  • Implementing & maintaining computer infrastructures of the company

Please see the skills & qualifications below with 1-to-5 being the qualities necessary for the role, whereas 6-to-10 will give you an edge in the recruitment process.


1. IT Support experience (2+ years)

2. Strong technical skills

3. Up-to-date hardware and software skills & knowledge

4. Advanced problem solving skills

5. Advanced Communication skills


6. Coding experience

7. Project Management experience

8. Resourcefulness & Adaptability

9. Effective Time Management

10. Excellent written and spoken English

For these roles you must live within the UK, however apart from that, your location is NOT important as the vast majority of our roles are done remotely.

After applying on Indeed, if you truly want to be in the running for a role with our new or existing clients, please visit our website & apply to be an 'Outsourcee' through our bespoke software!

We look forward to seeing your applications and finding the right person(s) for our clients.

Job Types: Part-time, Freelance

Pay: £15.00-£80.00 per hour


  • Casual dress
  • Referral programme
  • Work from home


  • Flexitime

Work Location: Remote