Frontend Developer at Revenir, London Clerkenwell, up to 3 Months, £Contractor Rate

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  • Clerkenwell, England, United Kingdom
  • Feb 12, 2024
up to 6 Months Information Technology

Contract Description

Role Description:


Front End Developer will report to the Technology Team & CTO - Hybrid Working

Office Location: FBC Farringdon, London, EC1R 0NE

Role: Freelance/contractor, budget experience dependent (competitive)

Duration: Up to 3 Months


About Revenir:


Revenir are a fintech company who have undergone a seed funding round, raising £2.5 million in late 2022. Revenir automates tax recovery through partnerships with banks, developing innovative digital technologies which banks can implement to generate revenue and add value to their services. Revenir are rapidly scaling their technology presenting several opportunities in a fast growing, start-up environment. The automation of tax recovery presents significant problem solving opportunities for developers who are keen to gain experience working in London's fast growing fintech ecosystem.


Revenir's core product is a white label API, which enhances the capabilities of banking apps, automatically refunding VAT (Value Added Tax) to customers, typically within 48 hours. Banks are now collaborating with fintechs more than ever to drive innovation to enhance their customer experience through their marketplace.




We are looking for a highly motivated and self-driven Front End Developer to join our Technology team, reporting to the CTO to support development of our web application for an expected project duration of 1-3 months. This individual should have the capability to work to support the development of Revenir's web application using React. This individual will play a crucial role in building out our front-end, working with our experienced technology team who have built and developed an innovative product which utilises a range of AWS services, including Lambda, SQS, EventBridge (Pipes, Rules, Busses), Step Functions (Express & Standard), API Gateway, and DynamoDB.




●   Create reusable and modular components using React.

●   Implement and maintain the component-based architecture, ensuring a scalable and maintainable codebase.

●   Manage application state efficiently using React 's state and props.

●   Implement state management solutions such as Redux or Context API for complex applications.

●   Integrate front-end components with back-end APIs to fetch and update data..

●   Implement client-side routing using React Router or similar solutions.

●   Create smooth navigation experiences within single-page applications.

●   Optimize React applications for performance by using techniques such as code splitting, lazy loading, and memorization.

●   Identify and address performance bottlenecks, ensuring a fast and responsive user interface.




●     Understanding of Agile/Sprint methodology

●     Strong experience with React.JS

●     Solid grasp of the web fundamentals, with competency to make informed decisions, based on UX/UI Design

●     Deep understanding and experience on React Effects, Redux

●     Experience in Networking and local storage management in web and mobile web applications

●     Able to code in multi dimension screens and following best practices

●     Excellent communication and teamwork skills


Also Desirable:


●     Experience in IONIC Framework

●     Experience in hybrid mobile development

●     Competent in Figma with a design intuition, capable of making small adjustments to existing designs whilst making design led decisions

●     Experience in mobile development monitoring tools like Crashlytics etc




●     Coffee and snacks in the office

●     Team socials

●     Inclusive working environment, supporting all genders, sexualities, race, disability or background


Join our dynamic team at Revenir and contribute to building cutting-edge applications and software which support our innovative fintech solutions. Get in touch now to be part of our exciting journey!